AMSASA Championship on 24 October 2015


Our first Abacus Maths Association of South Africa will be held coming Saturday 24 October 2015. Students from different Abacus training schools will be attending and will be challenging each other to determine who will represent South Africa in Singapore on 2 October 2016. We wish all our participants the best for this upcoming event

Abacus Maths Championship on 19 September 2015

What an awesome event we had once again! We are proud of every contestant who participated on the day. We know that hard work brings great rewards. Our annual championship was held a month ago. We had a record number of 360 entries this year. The goal of our annual Abacus maths Championship is to

ISDF: International Soroban diffusion Association (NPO)

ISDF: International Soroban diffusion Association (NPO) During August 2015, two of our Abacus Maths Students and four of our Soroban (abacus) teachers attended the annual ISDF camp that was held in Japan during 16-20 August this year. The aim of this camp is firstly to enrich our students and teachers and secondly to build soroban

SA leerders blink uit by Wiskundekompetisie in Indië

SA leerders blink uit by Wiskundekompetisie in Indië Saterdag 19 September 2015 Drie Suid-Afrikaanse leerders het uitgeblink tydens ‘n internasionale Wiskundekompetisie in Chennai, Indië. Wat dié kompetisie so uniek maak, is die gebruik van telrame, oftewel die Japannese abakus, om probleme op te los. Deur middel van visualisering kan leerlinge wiskundige probleme blitsvinnig oplos. Mariëtta

Newspaper article

The Abacas Maths and soroban foundation of South Africa comprise of a couple of individuals who really want to make a difference in South African education. On the West Rand the Abacus Maths Company started four years ago and has grown to teach at 40 plus schools and pre-schools. The top abacus students have been