Did you know that the Malaysian Ministry of Education made learning mathematics with an abacus mandatory in all public schools – as far back as 2005? And that there are millions more Asian children who are automatically exposed to using the abacus because it is an accepted part of their curriculum. We’ve taken the best practices and principles of these abacus learning systems and have made sure that they can be used in a South African context. We encourage you to “get On Board”.

How does Abacus Maths actually work?
Children are taught to use the Japanese Abacus by understanding that each bead and each rod represents a numerical value. We teach 54 different concepts in order to lay the foundation for more complex calculations.

What does my child need in order to attend?
A kit from our head office. This includes a bag, books, abacus and a pencil.

What is expected from our students?
We expect children to attend a lesson once a week and to do the homework issued. We also expect them to be well-mannered and respect the teacher and other learners at all times. In order to ensure optimal progress the kit has to be at the school for every lesson.

How can you help your child?
We invite parents to our centre on a Saturday and guide and them to help their children to excel. A parent has to make an appointment with the relevant teacher in advance. We also assist telephonically should the need arise. We also help the parent to assist his child in preparation for our annual competition.

Are catch-up classes available?
You are welcome to bring your child to our centre on either a Friday afternoon or Saturday morning if you would like to make up a lesson. Please arrange this with the relevant teacher.

When do children start with the Abacus Maths programme?
We offer a numeracy programme to 4 year olds and to Gr R’s who do not know their numbers and where proper conceptualisation needs to take place. The Japanese Abacus is mostly taught to 5 year olds and older.

When do children write exams?
Children write exams after mastering the basic principles / rules of the abacus. Then after each level has has been completed.

Note: A child can start on the Abacus Maths Learning Path at any time during the year.